Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh. That's Right. I Have a Blog.

Well. I've been taking an inadvertent blog break. And look, Geez, disappear for a few weeks and you lose a follower..or two. I can't really remember how many there were but anyway...I haven't been around. I haven't been busy either.  I haven't been working or traveling. Our projects all are starting tomorrow and I will be busy then. I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my back that made the thought of sitting at the computer akin to a monkey who'd been through shock research for behavior modification,  but mostly,  I think I just needed some time to be still and find my balance.
 Not completely still. I cooked and cleaned and did errands and painted a balcony. But mentally still. I didn't write, I barely read and I watched a little TV but otherwise, I floated. I think it's a good idea to sometimes just let the mind be at rest and tick in it's own way. Although I admit, when I do it the sort of thing that usually happens is waking up with Waltzing Maltilda stuck in my head. But I had balance. I was preparing to think of weighty issues. Like this stack of papers that need to be filled out and do not have to be, but will be signed.

You wouldn't think a small stack of papers would weigh that much but these do.
So now I'm trying to Balance the Weightiness with Stillness. It's been working out pretty good. Aren't most of our lives a balancing act of some kind? So I've been balancing. On one toe. In the middle of a tight rope. With a weight in one hand and a balloon in the another. Wearing a tutu and a tiara...ok not really..but that was fun..anyway.. We have been doing things.

My oldest sister, the Big D, called me the other day. She lives about an hour away. I haven't talked to her in about 4 years. She called wondering where my other sister, the Mighty Ms. K, was because her phone was disconnected. The Mighty Ms. K suddenly moved to another state and didn't tell her she was leaving.  But I think she's the one who gave the Big D my phone number so I might tell her where she is : )
The Big D said the Mighty Ms. K was crazy. I just laughed and said, I think we're all a little crazy.'
 She said, 'I'm not crazy!' I said ...ok.
   Now I'm just waiting until I get old enough to see if there is a genetic predisposition in my family   caused by my parents union that creates sudden onset midlife batshit crazy when we hit sixty or if it's just from the two of them being 13 months apart and sharing a room together while growing up.

My sweet Middlest needed a hug last night. I think she will always be my hugger. She asked me if she was weird. I was a little surprised because I thought that had been established long ago. I told her that yes, she was a little odd and awkward but not in a bad way. She said she was a dork. I told her that she was the most beautiful dork on the planet. She is also smart and talented so, so what if she's a dork? all of it is true She has been working hard and showing more responsibility. And 'not dating' her ex boyfriend who she hangs out with three or four times a week?...ok

Biggest called. On Monday she was going to volunteer for two weeks in Kenya. On Tuesday she was going to become an LPN and stay in Africa half a year. On Wednesday she was going to stay in a hostel in Rwanda....yesterday she called from the book store trying to decide between the King James bible, because she thought it would be more accurate or the NIV because it's easier to understand. She was looking for it to complement her research on Rastafarian's..ok..
I told her I had both kinds here so she bought a book about Martin Luther King Jr. instead to celebrate his day.

Littlest has been doing well. We had a lovely day on Friday. We headed out to the bookstore to see if they carried any in depth guides to military careers. It's a weighty decision and should be carefully researched. Within feet of the door we were met with a giant display of Doctor Who goodies and lost a good ten minutes looking through them until I noticed the Big Bang stuff on the other side and devoted another 7 or so to that, giggling and laughing and snorting through our noses at who we would like to give the various items to. But we had to get serious and moved further into the store and began the arduous task of reading hundreds of titles in the reference and business section. We couldn't find anything though we found some wonderful titles. Including, 'How To Survive the End of the World As We Know It.' We were on our way to another section to search some more when Littlest was distracted by this book: This Is Not My Hat. By John Klassen

 After knocking down an entire shelf of children's books and replacing them we stood in the store and read it and giggled. I Highly recommend it to anyone with small children. It's exactly the sort of thing I would have to bought for mine when they were little...which may not be a good recommendation come to think of it...but at least stand in the store and read it if you see it.

Anyway...we searched further for the serious book to help with weighty decisions but it could not be found. We had to give up. And though I successfully avoided allowing myself into the fiction section so we would make it home that day we did not leave empty handed. I bought

this magnet for the SeaMonkey (pardon the glare)

and this for the Littlest.

Sonic Screwdriver

She's been asking for a Sonic Screwdriver for ages. It makes a wondrous noise. So I said..ok.

and it resulted in screams of "MOM, why did you let her get that!" emanating from Middlests room.

But I wasn't really paying attention. I was trying to remember the words to Waltzing Matilda.

You see? Balance. : ) would be interesting to see how they get along with each other when they're in their sixties.

P.S. I love both my sisters. I really do.

P.S.S. I'm traveling after the 26th, so if I miss ya now I'll catch ya later : )

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