Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mafia Maid Service?

Yesterday I was in my local 'everything for a dollar store' buying some nifty cookie tins for Littlest to provide baked goods for and 3V fake Tea Light batteries which they were out of and it was really annoying but anyway......

Ahead of me in the checkout line were two kind of scary, shifty acting men. One of them stood off to the side and looked antsy while the other stood in line. They were buying:

4 large rolls of adhesive packing/shipping tape.

2 Lint rollers

2 Swiffer type mops


Carpet Cleaner

The friendly cashier chuckled, 'Doing some cleaning huh'?

"Um, yeah," one of them answered with a blunt laugh, (it sounded like 'Heht' )"we do alot of,  uh, cleaning."

When I left the store I noticed them driving away in a vehicle with out of state tags.

I'm uh, going with, um, a Persian cat. They obviously have a Persian cat. The one I used to have did alot of shedding and couldn't find the litter box to save her life, bless her heart.

And they must be....shipping her to their mother as a Christmas Gift...yeah...that sound plausible...


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  1. Did you get that license plate number? You might need it for identification purposes, when you see the full story on the news!

  2. Ha!!!!! The temptation to follow them would have probably made me their next victim.

  3. Oh, that would give me nightmares.

    A murder, all I'm thinking is a murder ...

  4. Hmm, does make a body wonder.

    1. ..where they're going to bury it! da Dum! Thank you, Thank you vera much : )


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