Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calling Doctor Mom!

Last Wednesday Littlest thought she noticed some bug bites on her arm and leg.
By Thursday night she had developed 2 nickle sized blisters on one leg.

To which Doctor Mom said, UGH, That might be staph!

The next morning the real doctor looked at it and said, I don't know, it might be an allergic reaction.

To which Doctor Mom just sniffed. (Thinking, yeah right, I've seen staph before) I've been a mom for 25 years thank you very much. I've seen everything from a chicken pock on an eyeball to Middlest having a weird tumor in her hand called a tumeral calcinosis usually found in patients with kidney failure and South Africans. She's a medical anomaly for the books!

So he put her on Claritin and possibly, because Doctor Mom looked at him like he was a moron, some super duper antibiotic.

 Because it's STAPH. Yucky sores with nasty pus in them are staph.

Am I wrong Doctor Mom?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They'll Be Begging to Go to Their Rooms

And my kids think I'm too tough?

Sometimes: My kids think I'm mean. They think my rules aren't fair. They think I'm unreasonable.

I  think I'm too easy on them much of the time.

Perhaps they would be a little more appreciative if they had a different parent.

Like the one in Singapore who found my blog by Googling:

"I want to cane my daughter and cut off all her hair"

This was the actual link to the search.
15 Jun09:19:58 AMwww.google.com.sg

They must have been very disappointed to find a Moon Music post about general goofiness and my daughters cutting their hair against My Will. The only canes I'll be using are the kind you walk with, when I'm old and a haircut is more likely to make ME cry than it will them. Can I understand what might have prompted this reaction from a parent? Yes actually. I can. I'm hoping they got it out of their system with that Google search and moved on to a better solution.

I feel like the most Awesome Parent in the planet right now. I'll be making sure mine know about it.

Next time your kids are in trouble and tell you you're "mean or unfair:"
 Feel Free To Share This Post.

That'll fix the little buggers ; )
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Quarter Century of Parenthood

By chance this year Fathers Day and Biggests Birthday will coincide exactly. What makes it even more special is that it will be her 25th birthday. Making this The SeaMonkey's Silver Father Anniversary : ) He will tell you that the strands of silver weaving through his hair were absolutely put there by being her father for 25 years ; ) Twenty five years since he kissed us goodbye at the hospital and came home to fall asleep with his head in a closet, nestled among newborn kittens. Because while I labored our cat did also. He has been a wonderful father for girls. He's tough when needed but is always there trying to provide everything they need to accomplish their goals. He has supported them and made it clear that girls can do as much as boys and more and that his girls...are stubborn...and opinionated...and frustrating...and...the people he loves most in this world.
So on Sunday, I will wish the SeaMonkey a Happy Fathers Day- 25 Year Dad Anniversary!
We can get some kittens to celebrate if you want to. No? ok, just checking...

And my Biggest is a grown woman.  A Wonderful One. That's the strangest part for me. Because even though she is a quarter century old she will always be my girl. For a long time it was just the two of us. I was still a child (21) when I had her. We were playmates when she was small. Constant companions. And I will still young enough to go down the slide at the park. This child changed my life in every way imaginable.  All for the good. When I was pregnant I was given an AFP test. Very common and useful for finding birth defects like Spina Bifida. It also supposedly could show a chance for Down Syndrome. And that's how my levels came back. Talk about scared? We were sent to a geneticist. They were very pushy about having amniocentesis, which was still relatively new. After over an hour of questions and prodding she admitted that, at my age,  the chances of my child having Down Syndrome were much lower than the chances of the test prompting a miscarriage. Talk about mad?  When further questioned about whether anything could be done to improve the situation if the amnio confirmed Down Syndrome,  the only thing she could offer was that an abortion could be done. Talk about more Mad? I was 22 weeks pregnant. I was already feeling flutters. I remember the moment. I was sitting at work and literally felt...butterflies. And what the hell is wrong with Down Syndrome?  Harder certainly but so what? The doctor was lucky My Mama (Because I wanted My Mama there with me) didn't slap her before we marched out in indignation. And worried a little for the rest of the pregnancy. But only a little. Because I had already changed my lifestyle for this child. Already determined that even though it would be a struggle I would remain home with her. Already determined that the world revolved around this baby. And nothing could change that. When she was born the first thing I asked was, Is she ok? There was No Sign of Down Syndrome. She was perfect. Except for her heartbeat, which was not. And so she spent her first hours in the infant ICU. More fear. But all of this taught me something very quickly. What it meant to be a parent. I was introduced to that powerful love, but also powerful fear very early. Maybe that is what gave me the strength to fight through her teenage years, when it sometimes felt like life was just conspiring to take this child from me. Even before she was born  I could illustrate myself with eyes wild and teeth bared, my arms crossed tight across my body holding her close to my heart and snarling...MINE...Mine. 

I had to learn to share of course and she is very much grown up and her own person..but all the same..my child.

Happy Twenty Fifth Birthday to My Biggest Girl! ....My Sunshine : )
Though you share the revolution with your sisters you are shining brighter than ever : )

Got Kittens?...just checking...

I've used this here on your birthdays before but nothing says it better for me.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ping... Ping....Ping...


No. No we will not give you two thousand dollars to go to Africa and teach for three weeks with a missionary group because that's the cheapest way to do it. You haven't been to church in seven years. And we don't have $2,000 to spare. But. I do love your heart and that you want to help. In a way I wish I could send you,  because I think you might learn some things as well as teach some. Don't give up hope. I know you think that clock is ticking but you still have a least 50 more years to accomplish your dreams. That seems like a long time. It isn't. It will be fine. I promise.

And you. You know by now that help out or get out really means Help Out, not Get Out. Oh stubborn stubborn one.  But you do it your way. I'm impressed by your new found talent at work. Use it. Use it to survive while you work on that dream.The beginning of that children's book is awesome. Both the verse and the artwork. Finish It. I  know you can. We're proud of you. Keep moving forward. It will be fine. I promise.

And over there....Shhh. Breathe. Breathe again. Everything will not be 100% perfect and that is ok. It will still all fall into place. Be like Mid. But Only a Little Bit. One thing at a time. You're off in all directions. Focus on pieces of the puzzle as you lay them down. It will soon be completed. Don't stare at the pile waiting in disarray. Everything is actually lining up nicely. Don't blow it all out of proportion. You will get there. You are amazing. Those dreams will work out just fine. Patience.
 It will be fine. I promise.

What's that SeaMonkey? The world is crashing around our ears and we're all going to hell in a hand basket? No it isn't. No we're not. Go play your video game. It will be fine.
 I promise.

Do you hear that noise?
Kind of a popping sound like something exploding and bouncing off the walls?

Nevermind. It's inside my head ; )

Moon Music

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