Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shout Outs ...cause I' like that.

I recently was awarded my 19th blog award. Now I haven't actively participated in the awards in a very long time because I'm bad at keeping up with them and agonise over who to give them to. So I took my award page down, though sometimes I gaze at it privately and glow all over, but I have always tried to do some shout outs for the people who gave them. I'm behind on a couple of those too.

Because I've been decorating my house for Christmas since Friday and because it is a three day project at my house...and that's just the living room...and I have 2 full time work projects next week and I haven't thought of an actual post I am doing my shout outs. It also means I won't answer my comments consistently and I hate it when I don't.  The past couple months have been the least amount of time I have ever spent at my blog and I'm starting to feel guilty for not visiting everyone more often. But anyway, what better time for you to visit someone else instead. Below are a list of Bloggers who have given me an award and a couple who I have found more recently and I would give an award to, if I wasn't so lazy busy, and that I have met since my last award ceremony---about 2 templates ago.

I like them all. Go visit! ...or you're grounded.

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again.  Who is terrific! I love her blog and we discovered we have something in common. But I'm not going to tell you what it is.

Gene Pool Diva from Diminishing Gene Pool She is funny, with a dry wit,  and I love that. I also suspect that, we too, have a couple things in common.

Daphne at My Distant Husband. Who, besides having one of those terrific names I am envious of, is living in a separate state from her husband for work reasons and handling this difficult situation with grace and wisdom.

Ms. A from Sarcastic Granny: Because she is one of those wonderful people that you fall right in comfortably with, as though you have always known them And I love that too.

Fi from Inspiration To Dream: Because I like Fi. And I think you might too. She is introspective and strong and has boys -like I have girls-so- she deserves a hug as well as a shout out ; )

And last of all Charlotte from Charlotte's Web.  A young woman I call my 'blog daughter' because I tease her that she was meant to be one of my girls and would have fit nicely in the gap between Biggest and Mid, but during that time we were poor as dirt and taking care of my husbands elderly grandfather, so fate sent her to a terrific and lucky mom (who I suspect I would also like very much) in England. I adore her and if you like my girls you will adore her too because she is like them in some ways, only Not Awful. She recently started a new blog after a hiatus, so go say hi : )

Or, as always, visit someone from my blog roll. Worth a visit,  Every. One.

I had better go now. Especially since I have repeatedly erased the same random hyphen from multiple words before I realized it was a spot on my screen. Have a great week! I'll visit whenever I can escape.

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  1. Awwwww, thank you! You made my day, week, month and year!

  2. I'm with Mrs A's comments - after my 'misery is me' post yesterday, I pop past here and as always you put a smile on my face and make me feel special.

    Thank you

  3. Being busy is so hard! I find myself on my iPhone visiting blogs. It's hard to comment from it and I feel so bad! But no worries! It's that time of year. I am thinking of you and hope you settled soon!

    I'll be sure to visit!

  4. Thank you! What a lovely surprise to come home to after our week away! I am usually a day-after-Thanksgiving decorator as well, but this year I haven't done a thing yet! I suppose because we were out of town this year...I guess I need to start dragging those bins out of the attic and get busy! Thank you again so much...I came home to some sad news and have been feeling a bit weepy and woebegone - this has cheered me right up and really made my day!

  5. Lol at your blog daughter. Gonna check out those I haven't met.

  6. I love Ms. A, but I'll go discover the rest!

  7. Contrats on the award! I'll definitely have to check these blogs out. I really hate to be grounded.

  8. I will check them out. I am looking for some new blogs to discover. Thanks!

  9. Darlin', you get your place all tricked out for Santa! I'm not surprised you have a bunch of awards around your house. I'll go check out the cool folks who gave you more!


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