Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Pea Soup

My Sweet Pea is Sixteen. Once again, how did this happen?  I call Littlest my star. She is one. She completed my universe. The Sun the Moon the Star. My daughters. I also call her my Sweet Pea. My Curmudgeon. Old soul. Gentle heart. Tough cookie. I try to find a word that truly describes her. The closest I can come up with is Complicated.

She has so many ingredients that it seems like they would clash. Sweet and sour like her favorite Asian foods. A complex creation that creates a perfect blend.

My quirky kid who has big goals. The one who melts into a puddle of mush when confronted with babies but spends an hour a day punching a bag. The one who sings like an angel and has awesome biceps. The one who bakes cakes and plans to serve her country in the military. The one who is a wonderful writer and talented artist and wants to be a psychiatrist.
The one that sparkles even though she would hide behind a cloud. The child who absorbs the pain she sees around her and has such empathy for those who are hurting or victims of injustice that the feeling sometimes overwhelms her. And thinks 'people suck'.

The one who cries easily when she is angry or very stressed. The one who is immovable when she sets her mind. The kid who cried her eyes out when she transferred schools last year because they couldn't get her schedule straight. The one who this year came home ranting because due to a scheduling glitch the school put her in Honors English instead of AP Language Arts and that the girl next to her didn't know what a simile was and hadn't read a book all summer and said "reading was stupid"! And when the school still hadn't fixed her schedule by Thursday parked herself in the Guidance Office and refused to move till they fixed it. And they did. Even the school cowered before her. As soon as they realized this tiny person who is cute as a button would not be given the run around and is packed with a steel will.
 Good Job Sweet Pea I'm Proud of you!

The one who loves to watch UFC and Project Runway but mostly Dr. Who. The one who drove me nuts reading Manga crap for years but read and loved East of Eden and The Good Earth this summer!! Yay!!

She is a fighter. She fought for life when she was born. She came out swinging and has never stopped since.
Except when she sees babies or puppies or kittens........

So is she the sweet child who gives me hugs and bakes me brownies or the kid who makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall because she is so stubborn?
Both of course. Because she's complicated.

 Happy Sweet Pea Sixteen!!! because I know that's your favorite nickname... ; )

For the one who says,

"Big Deal. I'm still only sixteen"

Yes. It's A Big Deal! And I still haven't figured out how to make a cake that looks like a Tardis but I'm trying. I might need your help.

Always hard to find the perfect song for you but I thought this would do.

Oh, and how was Language Arts today?

Happy Birthday Littlest. I would try to explain all the ways I love you but it would be way too complex and complicated.  I know you know, I do.
 Even though when I said it this morning you proclaimed it, "Lies! All Lies!!" ; )

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  1. What a sweet post full of the love you feel for your girl. Happy Birthday, Littlest!

  2. What an overwhelming amount of love and awe in your post. Your 'Sweet Pea' sounds like an amazing person who is lucky to have a mum who sees and appreciates the many different parts of her.

    Hope she has a super happy birthday

  3. Blown away. Even before I got to David Tennant singing with The Proclaimers, which....*head explodes*

  4. Ms. A: I will pass it on: )

    MDSA: Thank you and I will tell her!

    Fi:'Awe', yes. I am often in awe of her. She's something else : )

    Bibliomama: Thanks Allison! I had a feeling you would like that too : )

  5. haha, tennant singing that chorus is hysterical. i confess i like that song:)

    the yin and yang of your daughter is so detailed and gorgeous. happy birthday to her! she sounds full of life and beautiful.

  6. and now i've listened to that goofball 500 miles song on utube a few times already this morning...

  7. Happy birthday to your fascinating and "complicated" Sweet Pea. She sounds like my kind of girl. The love you feel for her just jumps right off the page!

  8. Ed: I know! It's been stuck in my head for two days..

    Linda: I actually do think you would like her. I love her and am perplexed by her : )

  9. Your youngest is 16!!! What a tug on the heart strings. Where does the time go? I love her spirit and heart. Very impressive at such a young age. Praising you for raising such a bright light.

  10. Angelia: I Know!! When I started the blog she had just turned 14. In some ways she is a completely different person now! But I suspect some things may never change ; )

    And Elliott-new one up there in my followers-where did you come from? Cause you know, I have some daughters....; )

  11. So sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. Daughters are pretty special!

  12. Sarah L: Yeah, I think they are pretty cool too: )

  13. Wait until 21, I almost cried when "Sheldon" turned 21, made me so proud.

  14. How does.that happen? they grow up so fast. Happy Birthday to her. She sounds like my son. He will bake me brownies and drive me crazy with his smart mouth!

  15. Mrs. Tuna: When this one is 21 I will be beside myself. It already doesn't seem real!

    Nicole: Exactly! Sounds like peas in a pod : )

  16. happy birthday to littlest!! woo hoo!

    i will be humming that song for the next few days. and ok. i get it. i am lost on some things. but what in the world of all that is hysterical was that second video. i laughed until i thought i was gonna choke. LOVE it. i always learn something new here. i like that!

  17. Loco YaYa: It is a character called Lauren Cooper played by Catherine Tate on the Catherine Tate Show which is a British program. She played Doctor Who's side kick for a season as well. I think she is hysterical!


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