Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Which We Get Lame In Our Old Age

Last July I wrote this post about My Summer Vacation.

My family wore me down until I agreed on our plans.

When our golden retriever died our Big Dog was heartbroken and lonely. So we got a little puppy.

For Him.

We found one and patiently waited for him to be 8 weeks old so that we could bring him home. It had been a long time since we had a baby puppy in the house.

9 Weeks

 We have always loved our dogs and vaguely remembered how old they were by how old the kids were and the approximate time of year we got them. We never tried to keep up with something like a birthday for a dog. ....or freaked out because they threw up and spend $300.00 to get them tested only to find out they had eaten an acorn. Or ask and pay for special soup bones at the grocery instead of just regular chew bones.  Or purchase special food bowls and food and measure it out carefully twice a day and soak it in water for exactly 15 minutes...because we became paranoid about bloat.  And wait till they finish to wipe their face with a paper towel.

They have always been an important part of the family but we would never dress them up... and then take pictures of them...or blog about it...

At 6 Months

Biggest says that at work they have noticed this is a special type of empty nest syndrome. Even if they haven't all left yet,  when the children begin to grow up and definitely when they move out, perfectly sane clients who have been bringing their dogs in for years, and treating them like dogs, start to lose their minds. They start with a new puppy. And they spoil it rotten and treat it better than like one of their children.

We of course would never do something like that.

But as long as I already blogged about getting My Summer Vacation last year and dressed him up for Halloween because my kids were too old and posted it on my blog I thought I would update on him.

Because it's his Birthday!

Our Baby puppy is One Year Old!
He grew a little bit

Of Course the Seamonkey hasn't been calling him "The Birthday Boy" all week and planning to make a giant hamburger for us all to share with him......

ok...he has....

 BUT Under No Circumstances Will I


oh never mind.....

; )


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  1. Holy crap, that's a big son of a B!!!!

  2. What a handsome fellow. Happy Birthday! I especially like the birthday hat.

    I think the difference is that when the kids are young, they are the ones to inflict the torture of dressing our pups up. When they (and we) get older, we take over. Wouldn't want our pooches to miss out on the fun, would we?

  3. Hey, kids make you do all manner of things you said you'd never do - I don't see why dogs should be any different. Also, NOW I want us to be neighbours so you could borrow my books and I could snuggle your dog - GORGEOUS.

  4. Ha! He's adorable. I'd put a hat on him too :).

  5. It's very clear who the king of the castle is over there!

  6. Amanda: Ha! Yes..yes he is..literally ; ) Don't be concerned about his size though. He still will fill out a little bit more!

    AE: You are right! Our other dogs spent several years modeling princess outfits and tutu's. This did not stop Mid from telling us we were 'messed up.' ; )

    Allison: True. Also I would let him spend the night with you if I could borrow ONE good book! It's been a desert around here.

    Peryl: It's just so darn easy. His head is so big and he actually stays still!

    blueviolet: Very Close! But he has to stick with Prince. I have a 13 year old cat who will not step down and strikes terror into that giant dogs heart : )

  7. Ummmm, that's not a dog, it's a small horse! LOL! Makes me miss mine. Happy Birthday!

  8. A picture of the birthday burger,please!!

    Happy Birthday, beautiful puppy.

  9. oh, i want to kiss him and bury my face in his neck! if this is an "empty nester" kind of thing, there is little explanation for me. gigi is the best baby i have! happy birthday big guy!

  10. Too bad you're not observing his birthday because if you were I'd send him best wishes.

    Can't he at least have a soup bone?

  11. Ms.A : Ha! I told people I was getting a pony but they didn't believe me ; )

    Empress: It fell apart! But I do have pictures of him enjoying his part.

    Elissa: I do that every day. He has the most huggable neck! I think Biggest was referring to my insanity in calling her because he has a bug bite or doesn't finish his breakfast; )

    Sharyn: He had it all! Soup bone too ; )

  12. Aw Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!!!!What should we call him in blogland. Littlest pup! Love your new theme. Happy Mothers Day if I don't get to stop by Sunday.

  13. He is a beautiful boy! I have a girl (Honey) and a boy (Harry) who are big dogs. I spoil them rotten and I"m not sorry I do. I cook for them every day so I can relate to everything you are saying here. They also give me great Mother's Day presents! My own kids are lovely, but the better gifts come from the pups! I'm hoping for Gucci this year! LOL!

  14. Nicole: I could always call him a pony ; ) happy Mothers day to you!

    Linda: It's hard not to spoil them. They are so sweet and they don't get report cards! Thanks for coming by : )

  15. haha! amazing. My cat won't let me dress her up. In fact I have scars from the time I tried to put one in a babygro after an operation, and the image of the other one screaming at me when i put her in a paddington bear coat is seared into my brain.. I was trying to be nice.. it was cold..

  16. Milk-2Sugars: Where have you been? You're Grounded ; ) Our cats have had their share of dress up too, when the girls were little. Paddington, hee hee, I can see it!

  17. I've been er... I dunno really. I've been looking for a new job which i now have, trying to get published which i managed but am now bored of because blogging is more fun, reading too many books and visiting the vets hundreds of times because my cats needed to be neutered, boosted and put in for minor surgery when the littlun fell in the bath and almost died

    I'm back though! xx

  18. Milk-2S: Oh the Poor Baby! You were published? That it wonderful: )Luckily I have an 'in' at our vet. She brought my new 'Grandkitten' to visit me yesterday. Tiny sweet little thing!


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