Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Morning 9:50 A M

This has the makings for a beautiful day. It will be a clear and a perfect for anything seventy five degrees.

I have a long list of things that must be done but as so often happens when I actually have the house to myself I have piddled away three hours in accomplishing nothing. The paperwork hangs over my head like a guillotine but I just avert my eyes and stare at my feet. My toenail polish is chipped. We are out of clean towels. The kitchen counters are still sticky from the 6 am rush to school. I even have a free microwave waiting for me at the end of a short drive but.....yeah. Am I tired of the game of setting 5.99 when I need 6 and pounding the keypad with my fist if I need 1.30 and nothing else will do? yeah...but..

What if.....what if I don't?

This morning I woke up with an unfortunate combination of Run Around Sue and AC/DC-You Shook Me stuck in my head in an alternating soundtrack. What exactly does that say about the state of my brain? The brain that has inexplicably begun to fail in the spelling and grammar department but has finally grasped math. Just what I always suspected, that's what.

Sometimes when I listen to myself I realize that I phrase things strangely and I sound like I'm speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.

There is a teacher I need to call and negotiate with but that would require using the phone. Today is not a phone day. Nope.


Well I have successfully diverted doing anything for another 30 minutes.




  1. two peas in a pod, you and me.

    10:37 except the weather here is crappy.


  2. Keep those feet up! My polished is chipped too! Something horrible.I'm sitting next to this elderly man & he's giving me garden tips. Wish I could take him home LOL. Declare this a chill day MOTPG

  3. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what we need to do.

  4. What I hate is when I don't know the words to the song stuck in my head...usually I try to replace it with the old Scooby Doo theme song :).

  5. Elissa: Pea Pods! Yep ; )Just realized I washed the towels but forgot to dry them and it's time for my shower...

    Nicole:I did, I took a nap. I can just picture him too : )

    Marilyn: Exactly right! and that's what I did today..except for washing and forgetting to dry towels...: )

    Peryl: *snort* I luvs u.

  6. That is a weird combination indeed.

  7. mombshell: Whoa Dude, how'd you do that? It's like parallel universes just collided ; )and I don't like either of those songs so I couldn't even dance to it...

  8. I get like that when I have let things get too far gone in the home dept.
    Like today.


  9. Empress: I'm Honored you were hanging out with me instead of doing your laundry ; )XO


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