Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh My Heart. Indeed

 First off I am thankful to have caught Mari at The Music Mamas post about R.E.M.'s new release
Collapse Into Now. Because otherwise, I have so much going on, I might have missed it and been missing out. 

Oh, my heart is doing it's thing. I know this group does not appeal to everyone. My husband might describe their sound as metal screeching in a 10 car pile up but from the first time I heard them, Long Long Ago, somewhere around 27 years, they have hit something deep within in me I can't explain. No other music has ever given me quite the same feeling that this group consistently does. They get me every time. And even if my heart Does soar to the sound of screeching metal in a ten car pile up I know that I'm not the only one. If you feel the same join me in my first favorite of the latest pile up. This song is about New Orleans after Katrina and is heartbreaking in that context. But it also spoke directly to 'that place' in my heart and found a response there.


  1. I agree that they're very much a group you either like or don't. And I like.

  2. As a devout fan of alternative music of the 80's, I have always been perplexed by my dislike of this band. My daughter swears that all 80's alternative bands sound British. I'm sure that someone somewhere thinks that they are from England. Wish I liked. Makes no sense. . .

  3. mombshell: Can't help but.

    Bibliomama: Allison, is that 'oh yeah' as in "it sounds like a pile up" or as in 'you love it too' ; )

    blueviolet: I just always do too. Sometimes it surprises me!

    DG: I understand that. I'm a fan of 80's alternative too but always feel like this is in a different category. My husband loves contemporary jazz and I try to like it but it sounds like a train wreck to me and makes me want to bang my head against a wall. I don't know why!

  4. I'm having a flashback to when i was young AND thin.

  5. I've always liked him, his voice, the lyrics.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop of current music.

    I'm so suck 20 years ago..

  6. Mrs. Tuna: They give me a flashback to when I was young, thin and newly married and for the first time I heard those words from my beloved, "How can you listen to that." Good thing he was really cute....

    Empress; I still love my 20 years ago music. I stay in the loop by listening with my girls mostly but have to admit most of the time I have No Clue what band I'm listening to. I'm constantly asking, "who was that again?" I get even by playing, name that 70's vocalist. 98% of the time it's Billy Joel and they seldom get it right even though they like him.

  7. LOve REM. Funny you posted this, I thought about doing a "Band of the Week" about them.

    They have a great story you know.

    : )

  8. I LOVE REM too, and have 6 or 7 of their cd's. Might have missed this one, so thanks. Oh my heart.

  9. I haven't heard the song before but the music sounds so familiar1 Oh how songs bring us back to the places in our lives.

  10. Kittycat: Yes they do. You should do that!

    Mel: I own more of their CD's than any one else. have gone through multiple copies of a couple of them!

    Peryl: I agree!

    Elissa: Me too! No surprise : )

    Nicole: This one is new but it will take me back someday and much of their music is a very big part of my life : )


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