Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes, Way.....

This part  is an addendum to my "don't try this at home" post previous to my neurotic post.

When I went to the store this week I turned down the aisle actually in search of the Empress's matzoh ball mix dumpling solution. I thought that sounded interesting. As I stuck my nose in the air to waltz with disdain past the noodles I glanced down to give them a dirty look and .....

Sitting all alone on an otherwise empty shelf several feet from the egg noodles was.....

1 BAG of Mueller's Old Fashioned Dumpling's. No Kidding. I almost fainted. I wish I had a camera phone to prove it but I'm a dinosaur. I thought I was having hallucinations and stood in front of it for at least 3 minutes before I swooped it up LMAO. All alone in the grocery store laughing to myself...out loud.  I kept breaking into giggles as I finished my shopping and then I noticed that the store employee's were grinning at me as I passed and they all asked how I was today and I said I was Fine!  I'm so fine because this is Awesome! Now my blog is anonymous so after a few minutes of greetings from managers and stockers I started to get paranoid. Why are they so happy? Do they know something? Did Mueller's track my IP address and report to the stores in my area that they should put out 1 bag of dumplings as bait and wait for the woman who grabbed them up laughing hysterically so they could call me out and blow my blog cover on the Internet? Did my favorite check out lady accidentally come across my blog and put together the fact that I live in a warm climate, the story about Littlest shouting the F word in the middle of the department store ( which I told her), and my depression at the lack of dumplings? I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that there was a woman wandering around the store.....laughing and talking to herself......they were probably speaking to each other over tiny microphones giving directions like: She coming around due East and headed for dairy, keep your eyes peeled , we have a live one.  So, anyway...I escaped with my 1 bag of dumplings and so far haven't been taken away to a place where they would spoon feed me strained dumplings while my arms and legs are restrained and electroshocked me until I agreed to use egg noodles like everyone else.

Some other observations.
1. Spell check always wants me to capitalize the word "internet." I don't want to, I'm not that impressed with it.
2. It also says "electroshocked is not a real word". But I don't care.
3. I've spent a good amount of time piddling around on my own blog this morning but Do you know what I'm supposed to be doing? I'm supposed to be getting tax stuff together so we can get the ball rolling because we need to fill out Middlest's FAFSA for college in case she decides to pass German and gets tired of being The Lord of the Lobby at work. She's nothing like her mother of course. Why, she is Working Hard on an essay in her literature class right this minute. I know because she just sent me a text that says..."I think Mrs. W mighta been really gorgeous when she was young. u can tell if u really look at her....

Ok, I will get back to work in a minute because there is something else I haven't finished.

I would like to Thank Mrs. Tuna at  Working Womans Guide To Dinner  for thinking of me for this Stylish Blogger Award. Even though I am wearing my pajama's, a ten year old fleece jacket and fake uggs from Kmart, which are my slippers that I can drive the kids to school in as well as tramp around the yard if I feel like it.

Anyway, these are the rules:
a) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

b) Share 7 things about yourself
c) Award 15 recently discovered bloggers
d) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

The only problem is I have to admit I haven't recently discovered 15 bloggers.
However, if I ever get around to it I will be saving this for them.
If you have not met Mrs. Tuna yet you NEED to go say hi because I think you will like her. I certainly do! She is FUNNY! And! She Really Does Recipes! Good Ones!

So quit wasting time here and head on over! I need to get back to work because my boss...also known as   my husband just got home. I don't get special treatment, he'll Dock My Pay and I can't survive without my chocolate chip cookies. ;  )

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  1. Oh come on, you know 15 people. You have more followers than me for Pete's sake. Now got eat them dumplings!

  2. Mrs. Tuna: I do know a few but not so many recently which is the problem. I have already awarded everyone I know to the point that last time NO ONE continued on. I'm giving them a break. But this is a good way to get me out of my comfort zone and out there looking. Works every time but usually takes me over a month to pass along and I didn't want to wait that long to give you a shout out because I think you are terrific! Truly. And the dumplings are safe in my tummy, oh yeah!

  3. I can't believe you found those dumplings! That was SO meant to be!

  4. I just found Mrs TUna today, over at Flying Chalupa. I lerve her.

  5. P.S. I also? am very sad you did not even try my matzoh ball solution.

    It is awesome with a side of sauce.

    But, now, you will never know... xo

  6. blueviolet: Yes it was. And now they are gone again and I obviously need to try the Empress's idea ; )

    Empress, I know! I get so lucky because I'm lazy and the most awesome bloggers always show up here and introduce themselves!
    And we will be trying it! It sounds interesting, I'm not passing that up: ) xo

  7. The Empress sent me over and I'm your newest follower. I'm Erin and I have a blog, too. Any friend of Alexandra's is a friend of mine. I knew I'd like it here!

  8. Ok, have you made your chicken and dumplins yet? Because maybe someone returned them. And in that case, Ew.

  9. Erin: I Am Very Pleased To Meet You! I owe Alexandra a Hug for that one : )

    The Sweetest: Ha ha, yep. I'm getting ready to eat some more shortly. The bag was closed tight so even if so I think we're safe ; )

  10. Congrats on the award.

    I hate that when i go to type fuck on my phone the auto rec always wants to change it to DUCK.

    somehow when i am using the word FUCK it doesnt sounds as serious when the word duck is in its place. ugh

  11. Oh I frequently giggle to myself down the aisles of the grocery store....& I rarely make it out of there without bumping in to someone I know...which sucks...cause who wants to curl their hair & put on makeup to go to the grocery store?? Anywho, now I forget where I was going with this...something about not being alone in the maniacal public laughter....

  12. Word spell check and I don't get along that well either - it doesn't speak Canadian! Looking forward to checking out Mrs. Tuna - how can I not love her with that name?

  13. KittyCat: Perhaps you should try to type DUCK instead and see what happens ; )

    Mayor: If I look good I see no one. The day I run in to grab something I forgot, wearing old jeans and and a sweater with a hole in it I will always run into people I aven't seen in 20 years!

  14. Oops! I missed Me Peryl!: It argues with me all the time! And Yes, do! She's a keeper : )

  15. Finally! I guess you had to blog about them.

  16. Anyone who has recently discovered 15 new bloggers has too much time on their hands. And I have slipper boots from Wal Mart too, but they get wet if I try to wear them when it's this snowy. And now I want dumplings.

  17. Nicole: I know, It's like a blogger prayer!

    Bibliomama: I'm so glad you came by. How I love and cherish your comments!: )

    Now I'm gonna go because I think I'm starting to channel Madonna....


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