Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday in January, 9:00 AM

I am clinging to the storm clouds. Pulling them closer with sheer will. 6:30 has stayed for the day. I can't say I'm not pleased.  I am grasping the moments with my sweaters. Counting down the days I can layer myself in soft warmth. Glad for excuses to stay inside. 90% of the lines in my face an etching carved by squinting in the sun. It is a relief to relax my face and peer out without light glancing off the world and piercing my pupils. Behind the mist a cold breeze to warm my soul. I am hoarding winter like gold. Waiting for the bizarre twist of fall in February. Because before long it will be creeping up on me. It has already started.  This beauty is almost magical in it's arrival. A fairy gift amid the crunch of tardy foliage. But it is the signal.

Time..time...time swings a sickle to harvest the frost and plant the spring indelibly in my yard.

This photo of a camellia was taken on a run of the mill digital camera with no thought for composition, light, or angle. It may be blurry because I was stomping around the yard in a rain shower wearing my pajama's and fake Uggs and I can't see a darn thing on that stupid screen. I used no Photo Shop software to clear it, crop it, or adjust; color, contrast and depth because I didn't have time for that.  I had to work on quarterly reports and then I pulled all the furniture out in my bedroom and vacuumed behind it and under my bed. Yes I did. And I don't have Photo Shop.


Now I'm going to take a shower, eat Sweet Sixteen Little White Donuts for lunch and take a nap.
Yes I am.

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  1. I have those same fake Uggs.

    The photo is gorgeous and just what I needed today! Thanks and have a sweet nap!

  2. you get on with your bad self!

  3. I could read your posts all day every day! What a gift you have!
    Enjoy your lunch ...

  4. RottenMom: Thank you and you're welcome! the flower is truly way more gorgeous than my poor skills can express!

    mombshell: Yeah, I'm so bad with my pony tail and jammies and Kmart Uggs running back in the house real quick cause I heard people walking down the road!

    Silver Strands: It was awesome!

    Mrs. Tuna: VERY PINK! I'm waiting on the red ones, those are my favorite: )

  5. oooooo.. i could totally dig THAT kind of winter. HERE? frozen tundra. yesterday was 5 below zero when i put my kiddo on the bus in the morning. THAT winter, i could do without ;-)

  6. After all the cleaning you deserve some white powdered donuts and a nap.

  7. Well it looks great, and I loved your writing! Now I am wondering about one thing-how cold it is where you are? We had a record 1 degree (honest truth) yesterday, so that a mere 27 felt like a heat wave! Feel for me... :(

  8. Beautiful flower! And I love the title of your blog. I, too, live with the perpetually grounded.

    xo Susie

  9. Elissa: Maybe..but maybe not...my lovely rainy day ended with tornando warnings!

    Help Mama: I thought so too : )

    Susan: I truly am jealous of both you and Elissa and your freezing weather. It's 60 or something and Sunny today. Boorring!

    Susie: Thankyou and it's great to be able to tell my kids "see, you are not the only ones!" ; )

  10. Isn't it amazing what nature gives us without the benefit of photoshop and just an awesome photographer?

    Beautiful post. I miss the heat. I am a Florida girl all the way into the very marrow of my bones. Hurry up cold. Be gone!

    Enjoy your powdery yumminess.

  11. Great photo. : )

    PS I love powdered donuts. YUM
    enjoy one for me. I gave them up 8 months ago.
    so sad.

  12. The soft focus is perfect! No editing needed. Winter? It's going to be 73 today. I have seen one flake of snow. I feel cheated by winter and other triply blessed. So not fair.

    On the other hand. Little white donuts would make it all better. :-)

  13. Gorgeous picture! Nature needs no tweaking - it's perfect as is:)

  14. Joann: Amazing nature only! If that photo is any good I had nothing to do with it : )

    Angelia: Sweetheart, You are good! That's not soft focus that's shaky hands and half blind lady taking a picture ; )

    Pamela: Exactly, the relief is that I didn't ruin it completely : )

    You guys all tickle me. My photography skills are 0 and I'm lucky anything came out at all! But it's such a pretty flower it should be shared, even if an imperfect reproduction.

  15. And yes, you should.

    It's what I plan on doing tomorrow.

    Things I want to.

    I spend enough time doing all the right things.

    I need to just be.

    I loved this post.

  16. Empress: "Just be". It's like the worlds most rare and precious gift for free : )


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