Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Texts From the Edge...Of Reason and the Season

There has been a lot going on the past week. So much that I have trouble keeping track and forming it in to a post. So I looked back at some of the texts we have been sending.

Mid and Big:

Mid: What do you want for Christmas?

Big: I want Adam Ant. But I want Adam Ant 20 years you will have to build a time machine first....

Me and Littlest: Lit was staying after school to help with set up on a performance and then staying until we pick her up at 9 P.M. We are not late night people.

Me: Are you Ok?

Lit: No...I'm dead..

Me: Does this mean we can return your gift?

Lit: No. Just bury me with it.

Later when Mid and I have come to pick her up:

Me: We are here. Come out or we are coming in to get you wearing our pajama's.

Lit: I would like to because this is awful but I can't get out, I'm sitting up high.

Mid: Walk out. Or I'm coming in wearing a blanket and a beanie!

Me and Big:

Me: If you don't tell me what the two of you want I am going to buy you matching Christmas sweaters.

Big: I don't  know !!!!

Me: and plaid suspenders.

And a Proverb from Mid while Christmas shopping

Mid: Bitch about the devil and it will corner you in Hot Topic.

Which was Karma for saying nasty things about people she used to like and now can't stand while on her way to the mall.

Of course Big called me this week. At 9 o'clock at night. On a diatribe about some people who abandoned a 5 foot boa constrictor in a cold house with no food. It was of course safe at her house now. Which is when I gave her a lecture about keeping it tightly contained or it would warm up and eat one of her cats or something. She told me she knew what she was doing. The snake was barely moving, it wasn't going anywhere.

Come to think of it....I haven't heard from her since then... ; )

I actually have completed my Christmas shopping! Sort of. It is a good thing because my car was recalled and I made an appointment over a week in advance for a day I could leave it at the dealership. Because I needed it back ASAP. Which would be yesterday. When they took it and then called 5 hours later and said they didn't have the correct part. Most of the cars have the part that they keep in stock but mine was "special." They would have to overnight it and work on it today. Then they said, while it was there they kindly took a look around it and noticed that several things, like some belts and my brakes and some filters and the fuel injection were in pretty bad shape and might be a safety issue. While they were waiting for the part they would be happy to replace all of this for a grand total of $749.52.
To which we said, No ThankYou. How about you just fix the safety issue that your company created. The one that involves bad soldering and the engine possibly stopping without warning. Then we called the place we usually get work done and gave them the list of things and they told us they could fix all that for $240.00.

Now this morning something miraculous happened. The dealership called at 7:30 A.M. and my car is already finished. Why, they must have had that part brought in on the wings of angels and elves must have worked on it all night to get it done so early. Since I needed it ASAP. The SeaMonkey had already left for a job. I'm trapped here now. Those poor elves worked so hard for my car to sit in the parking lot all day till I get a ride up there. Now I would have liked to finish up a few spare gifts because I decided that Biggest and DecentGuy need some socks. What are they going to do if I don't get them some socks for Christmas.
 It's a tragedy that's what it is?

I guess I will do some wrapping today. And maybe even vacuum....

Hey, I was looking for the moon night before last and I couldn't find it....
where'd it go.....?

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  1. Ok, hold up - I want Adam Ant from 20 years ago! Er, let's make that 25 years ago. God I feel old. But yeah, if they ever do make such a time machine, we can all be young & beautiful again;)
    That sucks about your car - but I'm happy you've finished your shopping for the most part - you should take advantage & get rested up for the Big Day!!
    Happy Holidays to you & your awesome family:)

  2. I'm not even sure Adam Ant was my type 20 years ago....

  3. Pamela: I know, 25 years ago I was absolutely dancing in a ridiculous way to some Adam Ant!
    Biggest actually said she would still take him now if he can get himself here. She's been buying LP's at the flea market.

    Mrs. Tuna: High heeled cowboy boots and face paint weren't your thing...?! ; )

  4. ok. kate macucci (i'm sure i spelled that wrong) is so much fun.

    i would wear a matching christmas sweater with suspenders if you would. :-)

    a time machine would also come in handy for those "cornered in hot topic by the devil" moments. the perfect gift for everyone..

    merry merry groundeds!

  5. Elissa: Suspenders? YES! Christmas sweater? No, I have something way better that I will be sharing next week. I told her if she just listened to me from the beginning about people she wouldn't have these problems. When I said it Biggest just shook her head yes, which cracked me up but then she pointed out that I called DecentGuy Satan when they were in highschool:)

  6. I love coming to your blog-you always make me laugh out loud (similar humor!) I hope you get your socks :) Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. One of my friends was worried that she never gets really great gifts for her kids. Of course, when she asks what they want they say 'wings'. Sometimes it's their own damned fault if they get reindeer sweaters.

  8. Susan: I so got socks! And marked down Christmas ornaments : )

    Bibliomama: Wings are exactly the kind of thing my kids ask for. Biggest finally asked for a new comforter, because their dog ate theirs, which would be the one I bought them last year...because their dog ate theirs...

  9. Haha! Well I hope it all turned out wonderful! I want to see pics of the matching sweater/suspenders!
    Teens are so easy to communicate with. Lol.

    I just buy iTunes and target gift cards. Done.


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