Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Since I Suck This Week

Spend some time on something that is Worth It.


The current obsession of all 3 of my daughters and myself.

Listen To This.

Or Maybe This One....

And This One...

And then the one I have on my main page below if you don't mind the "language"

And Then Go Buy It.

We did.

You may not have a choice, because the rest of the day ....
what is that song stuck in your head?

Hey Look,  I made little tiny videos!


  1. oooh. i'm sort of smitten. raspy voiced englishmen? SWOON. thanks for the intro.

  2. I like this band - they've been playing one of the songs on a radio station I listen to, but I hadn't heard the other songs. Thanks for posting them:)

  3. I'm going to stop by again when I'm on my PC. I'm on my phone and can't see your videos. Be back

  4. Do your girls keep you young and with it or what?

    You are so cool.

    Thank you for letting me eek off your coolness.

    My boys shall be impressed.

  5. That last one has some very profound words.

  6. I'm going to save these as a reward for when my stupid assignment is done.

    Okay my word verification is gonat -- is it just screwing with me?

  7. Oh the vids won't load so I'll just tell you that I have had Justin Biebers song BabyBabyBabyOhhhhh in my head since my 5 yr old started singing it..sigh!

  8. i too love them. and not surprised at all that the Grounded Girls love them too.


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