Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now We Are Festive!: The Sequel.


I Guess Tuna really does taste better than acorns.
Does anyone know who this cat belongs to?
Yeah, looks that way.


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  1. oh! but he's so PRETTY.... :-)

    merry christmas!!!!!!!

  2. OK! So the cat looks pimpin! Seriously! He's in the palace now. He is so adorable. Is it a he I can't remember? The song really fits lol

  3. this is the first post of yours ive read so im confused, is this not your cat? i like his decoration haha

    i love the name of your blog so i'll be reading more posts when i get a chance! xx

  4. Elissa : he is a beauty! Merry Christmas: )

    Nicole: he does think he's a King!

    Milk-2Sugars: It's in the previous post. He is a stray and no one will claim him! He is pretty but a Serious Grump!Thanks for coming by, I will be visiting : )

    Peryl: How much would it cost to ship a cat to Seattle? Hee Hee..: )

  5. Heeey you can't ship of my cat to Seattle....
    atleast not without me... haha

  6. Livi: Um...yeah...way to stay ...uh...anonymous there....!

  7. So Blog mom, do we get to keep the cat?

  8. Yes! We named him Oscar and 2 of the other cat's like him and the other 2 hate him. He LOVES catnip and can walk on his back legs!

  9. yay! I got a new cat at xmas too, hes loooovely

  10. Oh, I got lost for a minute spying on my daughters blog ; ) YAY is right! One cat is Never enough!


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