Friday, November 5, 2010


It was report card time here this week so I pretty much have had a migraine since Tuesday and I don't want to write about the kids. Because that migraine needs to stay away. It was a memorable one. Woke up at 4 A.M. and continued thru Wednesday  in the kind of pain that makes you google aneurysm and brain tumor just to make sure.

Anyway. I'm a little wore out, have unfinished chores piled as high as my dusty chandelier and I have to work away from home over the weekend. One of those out of town but not far enough to warrant staying over jobs so I get to hit the highway and sit till my legs fall asleep and then have to work.

On the bright side, we will have a high of 65 today so I did a happy dance in my Real Shoes and now I'm literally and figuratively chilling out for a little while. I'm taking my weekend today. Which means I'm taking a nap.

If you haven't been by yet and feel like reading a serious post I have one below or you can kick your real shoes off, grab your cup of tea and listen along with me to one of my personal top 10. My all time favorite Eagles song. And then maybe take a nap.

I'll take it to the limit tomorrow.

I decided to include 2 versions just as an example that real talent and skill never fades. It just gains some weight and gets a haircut.

Eagles-Take It to the Limit-Houston 1976
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What's your favorite Eagles song? You know you have one.


  1. Sorry you were struck down with a migraine - I've never had one but know how debilitating they can be.

    I am not an Eagles fan (don't hate me) so have no favorite song by them to reveal.

    The high today will be 61 and I am wrapped up in triple layers, it feels so very cold. But come Monday we are back to mid-70's so I can shed at least one layer :-)

  2. Ah, the Eagles... They are truly one of my all time favorite bands. Thanks for the rest!

  3. Thanks Aging Mommy and Susan : )

    Wow, this like the most popular post I have done since....well since the first week I was blogging and no one knew I existed..hee hee..

  4. gawd your cool! (also its desperado)

  5. We had a wedding Saturday night -- a really really important one -- and I was feeling dangerously migrainey and freaking out. Happily, my BFF provided a miracle pill and I was able to dance my ass off with my little girl. Hope you're feeling better. (The Last Resort. Or Take it Easy)

  6. Hope you fell better. A nap should really help you feel better. Sending hugs your way.

  7. I hope that headache disappears for you. That's awful! My favorite is either Lying Eyes or Desperado. I have a bunch on my ipod!

  8. Oh, so that's why I had a migraine last week. We're so in synch ;). You know, i'm also very fond of take it to the limit, also lyin' eyes and peaceful easy many!

  9. Btw, does anyone else analyse the spam code word and wonder what it says about them? My code this time was "dillbar." What does that mean???

  10. mombshell: That is a Good One!

    Bibliomama: I really couls have used a miracle pill but had to get by with forcing my husband to rub my neck everytime he stood still. Thanks for the info!

    Help Mama: Thanks, I really did need a nap: )

    blueviolet: I like Lying Eyes too and Tequila Sunrise!

    PAA: Peaceful Easy..Oh yes that's another good one! And you crack me up, I do that all the time...I would really like to know where blogger gets these, I swear some of them are deliberate!


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