Saturday, October 2, 2010

Re-Calculated What???

Let me tell ya'll a story
bout a girl named Mid.
A real bright child
was supposed to Gifted.

And then one day
she decided not to try.
Sat on her ass
and made her mother cry

Tears that is...about her grades.

So senior year comes
and she rocked the SAT's
She's proud that she proved .
she knows more than ABC's.

But the classes she was takin'
were apparently a bore.
And her GPA
reflects that sorry score.

Low that is......Like the tide sucking you out.....

The moral of the story is do your work in school.
the colleges don't care if you're brilliant but a fool.
Sorry to say it, but it's really true,
you ain't livin in my basement; when your thirty two.

Or 22....or ever if you don't have a job.........; )

But I am your mother and you know I still love you.

© 2010 All Rights Reserved


  1. I enjoy good poetry to start my morning :) Mid would get a second chance to show how bright she was if she started out at a community college and used that brain!

  2. Hilarious and not funny at the same time! What's up with these gifted kids?! Getting all bored & making us cry! Same story over here with my middlest.

  3. yo,yo, ms. g! i feel ya channeling the fresh prince here. ooh! ooh! can i play dj jazzy jeff? i always wanted to rock some turn tables.

    we out.

    darn kids learning the hard way. too bad about how we have to deal with clean-up. maybe mid should be DJ and you two could take it on the road. rappin and doing seminars for kids in her shoes and she could share her experience. i bet there are some parents out there that would pay to send THEIR kids to that weekend conference! oh yeah. i see a book deal......

  4. Now this a a poem. Have you sung it to her?

  5. Love the poem, too bad about the subject:( But have faith, I'm sure Mid will redeem herself, she seems like one smart cookie:)

  6. I think you wrote that about my 17 year old. *Sigh* It's so very hard when they won't even try.

  7. GB's Mom: You are correct and that is what her guidance counselor told her. As of two minutes ago she is on her own. I looked up things to get her started. She won't get off the couch. If things don't change in 9 months and two weeks her bags are on the front porch.

    Help! Mama: I know. Sometimes I think gifted is another word for pain in the butt.

    Elissa: : ). I'm pretty tired of the hard way myself. She could have gone to any college she wanted, full paid for several different options. She still has a chance with the right art dept. I hope I get some kind of deal someday for all this mess! Even if it's surviving to get my senior citizen discount at Golden Coral...

    Capital Mom: Naw. I vented here. I think she's kicking herself enough right now and I'm trying to get her motivated for plan 2 !

    Pamela: She is a smart cookie. She really just needs more confidence in herself...and to get off the couch...

    Carol: The more I hear the more I think it's a darn good thing we don't live next door. They would have another pea to keep them company in their pod ; )

  8. Oh..I am SO showing this to my 2 teenage sons...

  9. can you please share this with my little tattoo girl. I am beginning to think with her spending habits that she may never move out of my house.
    ha ha
    on a serious note, she is working and going to college. She is doing all that I asked of her.

  10. Empress: Feel free ; )They wait too long to make it clear to them in high school.

    SoccerMom: Sounds like my Littlest. So far she only lets me down with her mouth in public places!


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