Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking At The Purple Cow....what.. you can't see it?

I turned 45 this week. Turning 40 was no big deal to me. In fact I barely noticed it at the time because I had more important things to stress about. But to me 45 seems so much more substantial. I feel like I accomplished something. I am more than halfway through now. My life and Possibly My Mind. How do I feel about getting older? What about actually being old? I am letting some others answer that for me because....I like the way they say it.

(I feel strongly about obtaining permissions and have not received one to post the entire poem and honestly I'm getting older every moment so, I did find this video of Jenny Joseph reading the poem herself, and thought, "that is even more awesome", so hopefully that's ok....
Because it's my Birthday....yesterday...)


by Jenny Joseph  Link to Bloodaxe Books', Jenny Joseph Page!

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter.

So Maybe I will............

As my husband might say.....; )


  1. I guess I don't do well with age. The year before I turned 40 all I could think about was I didnt want to look "OLD".
    Then I turned 40 and it was tough but not too bad. I think this year when I turned 41 was even worse. I dont feel like I am 41 but...........
    I just have this hang up about looking old. I know there is nothing you can do about it. SO why worry right?

  2. I don't mind getting older in age at all. If you offered to magically make me 38 again I'd say yes please but any younger no thank you but knocking those years off the clock would give me the chance to have another child which now is not possible. However, I do not relish that time - be it in my 60's or hopefully much later - when my face will start to fall in on itself and my body will not do the things I want it to do. Maybe I'll get lucky and be the 86 year old grandmother hiking and still making it to the top of the mountain first :-)

  3. SoccerMom: I think I have some kind of brain block about looking old. I forget I do. I actually like the gray in my hair and when I look in the mirror I think I look pretty good. The woman in my family age well but I have abused the birthday suit outdoors. I don't photograph well. Whenever I see a picture it totally freaks me out and I have some kind of vanity tantrum : )But I figure the older I get the more I'll grow in to the wrinkles I created when I was 20.

  4. Aging Mommy: Where'd you come from? I've been sitting right here ; )That would be worth the aging wouldn't it. My mother could take the stairs faster than me when she was 80. She still looked really beautiful too. I have more wrinkles already than she did when she was 80.

  5. I turn 48 this month:) I have never really cared or worried much about my age. Like I heard someone say..."the older you get, the longer you live", so that's how I think of getting old...I'm Alive!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog:) And Happy Birthday!

  6. If you start wearing purple, I have to also. We're the same age!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

  7. oh HAPPY belated birthday!!! that song is AWESOME. i want that man to sing for me at my birthday. but not play the video. the video makes me dizzy and i don't think it's the ear ;-)

  8. I had a few sorta hot years in my teens, but it was all over so long ago that the aging thing doesn't bother me so much now. I turned forty in June and I've been feeling great. I definitely hesitate less to speak my mind about things at this age, which feels good. My Mom looks better than me too -- good genes and she has more time to exercise! Oh, and happy birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday my fellow Libra friend! It does get more liberating, being in our 40's, doesn't it? I'm definitely in good company:)

  10. Happy Birthday my friend. I hope your continues to be substantial, prosperous. Peaceful & everything else your heart desires.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

    Great poem, even better when read with a charming English accent.

  12. Laura: That says it perfectly! Thanks for coming over : )

    blueviolet: Somehow I imagine purple would suit you beautifully!

    Elissa: Thanks, the video is low budget but I have to admit I Love That Song!

    Bibliomama: The forties really are a nice to place to be. If we behave we can be fine old ladies like our moms...but then again, who wants to behave..

    Pamela: The only thing better than being in your forties is being a Libra!!

    Nicole: Thank you. I hope so too. As long as I have chocolate I'll be fine.

    DG: Thanks! I know, I was so tickled when I found that.

  13. So, 45 is a big deal, huh? That's kind of odd. But if you aren't loving it, you aren't loving it. That old woman makes me think of the Red Hat Club groups of "mature" ladies. The only other color I ever see them wear with their red hats is purple.

  14. I love getting older.

    You don't take crap from anyone...just ..liberating!

    I am 51 yrs old, and finally fit into my skin.

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday my dear! You go & wear the CRAP out of that purple! I'm not too far behind, & I have to say, I kinda don't mind being old enough to not have to give a damn what anyone else thinks anymore. We've earned the right! But those little Divas of mine will still always point out when I dress like "an old lady"! :-))

  16. Happy belated Birthday! One more year to my 40's and I can't wait. :-)

    The start wearing purple song is hilarious and very catchy. I need to go find some purple now.

  17. Liz: No, not a big deal but it has a nice ring to it! The Red Hat Society was inspired by the poem. I'm not old enough to join yet but I may wear purple anyway!

    Mayor: I agree! GIRLS! I'm not nearly as uptight about the impression I make as I was 10 years ago. But I have to admit that I was letting Mid drive us home from school yesterday and when "I" looked at what I was wearing, I told her " don't you dare get in an accident."; )

    Angelia: You will shine even brighter in your 40's and I know you will be a Beacon this weekend! Big Day is almost here: )

  18. Happy Birthday Ms. G! I know I'm a little late...but I'm past 40 and I'm slowing up a bit. not true!

    I was fortunate to be born of a family of women who age well, too. I have, however, noticed more character (referring to wrinkles and crow's feet as 'character' is like calling a zit a 'blemish') in my face and body lately and it doesn't thrill me. It doesn't kill me either, but it's something I think about more than I ever have before...

    I did pack on a few pounds to help fill me out. It seemed to help and Bonus! Twinkies are waaay cheaper than botox.

  19. ratfacedgirl; who is really quite lovely: Thanks: ) I know. I'm not thrilled with the lines either. I lost a lot of weight of couple of years ago and something terrible happened to my face and everything else saaagged. I tried working out but determined Chips Ahoy were more effective!


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