Friday, October 22, 2010

And The Days Go By....

Biggest called me this week. She watched a documentary called The Last Tightrope Walker in Armenia.
Apparently after generations of this art it is down to one boy who must decide whether to continue. She said she was going to go to Armenia and join him and become one too so he wouldn't be the last one.

I said, Ok.

Littlest was bored and she went on the Army website and filled out their psychological /personality profile to see which jobs she would be best suited for. According to her profile, it told her she was best suited for Special Ops  like the Rangers and Green Berets. Then it said woman couldn't enlist in these categories.

I don't know whether to be relieved or annoyed....

She drew this lovely picture of me.

I'm considering using it as my new profile picture.
What do you think ?

She promised to make fudge this weekend....

We overslept and were running late this morning so things were hectic. I drop Littlest off first at her bus stop first and then drop Middlest about a block from her school and let her walk the rest of the way because it takes longer if we get in the traffic and the exercise is good for her.
Mid climbs out mentioning she forgot her jacket. As I sit in the car, waiting for an opening to pull back out I take a moment to catch my breath and watch her walk down the sidewalk in the still gray, early light.
Tall and strong and womanly. She pulls her thick dark hair forward over one shoulder and begins to walk. She is wearing black skinny jeans, a lavender and gray plaid button up shirt, untucked, flopping about her hips and frayed purple plaid converse. Her green messenger bag slung across her back, banging at her hip. A long pipe of rolled up drawing paper swinging from her hand.
And for just a moment I get a pang in my chest. A tiny tightening much like I felt 15 years ago on the first day I dropped her miniature self off at preschool and watched the door close on her back.
As I turn away and begin to pull back out on the road I glance down and see.
The remains of a half eaten chewy granola bar resting on the console in my car......

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  1. Snap back to reality with that granola bar. It's not quite time for her to leave. LOL

    I LOVED this post!!! And she's an artiste extraordinaire. That drawing is too fun!

  2. Love the pic, You should use it !

  3. Yes!! Do it! I love that as your profile pic. Also? She rules for making fudge. Now, I'm almost looking forward to the teen years:)

  4. If that picture does not become your profile picture I will be very, very sad.

    Because it is fantastic.

  5. That has avatar written all over it.

    P.s. you haven't been posting as much at your other blog, "service unavailable."

  6. Brilliant snapshot. Brilliantly twisted children.

  7. Ahhh....I am envisioning myself dropping my daughter off years from now and seeing her teenage self and thinking back to the little person she now is being dropped off at preschool. I think that drawing would make a great header for your blog.

  8. Sweet Chester Cheesus ...... can I send the 17 year old to Armenia too?? Because really, she is getting on my last damn nerve!!
    Great post btw =]

  9. blueviolet: I know, sometimes I'm afraid she is the one who will never leave.

    KittyCat: I love it too. It's leaning that way: )

    Pamela: I am hopeless at deserts but low and behold I gave birth to a desert master...who wants to be a sniper.

    KLZ: I certainly wouldn't want to make you sad! : )

    Empress: Hee hee, just: )

    Bibliomama: They are aren't they : )

    AgingMommy: Sometimes it hits you like a brick.

    Midwestern Mama Holly: Now that is a plan. If I round up my other two also, maybe we can get bulk discount airfare. Biggest is mean enough to keep them all safe!

  10. I'd be relieved. Definitely relieved.

  11. Liz: I think it's the "you can't because you're a girl" that ticks her off. She wants to be a psychiatist. If you've seen the Geico commercial with "Gunny" as a therapist-that would be her.

  12. LOVE THE PROFILE PIC! THe most awesomeness I've seen in awhile. xo

  13. one of my favorite songs of all time.

    AWESOME profile picture.

    just read your comment above... correct me if i've got the wrong commercial, but i have recently adopted the term "jack wagon."

    i think one of the great mysteries about the parent child relationship is how incredibly much you can love them and want to ship them off all at the same time.

    PS> MP was AWESOME!! staging and lighting was INCREDIBLE. and it was a little more true to the books, which always makes me happy....

  14. Do you know how many mornings I've been waking up late. My biggest won't even wake me! Ugh the nerve of her lol. The pic made me crack up!!!!!!I think you should use it or some of her art. Think I need to hire her.

  15. Oh, lord, she doesn't really need to go all the way to Armenia. She can just come to Los Angeles.

  16. For one, I love the picture and would definitely use it as your profile image-hilarious! And the granola bar incident? Isn't that just like life-a mix of sweetness with a little bit of irritation thrown in for good measure...

  17. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

    Sigh. I love that song. It does describe a life so succinctly. Your biggest could be like Grace Kelly's daughter who shucked her crown and joined her love to be a circus performer.

    Beautiful poignant vision of your daughter. I've had that same memory and it just about slays your heart.

  18. LOVE that drawing! Use it!

    Can I have some of that fudge?

  19. I adore your new profile picture. I'm pretty sure it's the best one I have ever seen.

  20. Empress: Thanks! The original is on my corkboard and it always makes me happy : )

    Elissa: Gunny is the Greatest!Exactly,I love you and I can't wait till you are grown up, but not really, just sometimes. That's me!

    Help Mama: I am the Timekeeper here. If I didn't wake them they would sleep for 100 years like Sleeping Beauty!

    The Sweetest: I will let her know!

    Susan: Yes! That is a perfect description!

    Joann: I wish I could have been Grace Kelly. Except for the being dead part, but yes that would be her: )And I agree, just when you are ready for them to grow aren't: )

    Nancy: The fudge was incredible! I would send you some but we ate it all!!

    Peryl: It looks just like me...except I'm blond..; )

  21. Oh did this post made me feel nostalgic!! I look at my kids and feel like that all the time. They are growing up right before my eyes. But that granola bar? A great wakeup call. Just like the grapes and peanut butter smashed into my carpet.

    Oh! And one more thing, if you don't use that drawing as your profile pic, can I?

  22. I cannot tell you how I felt like you had jumped into my head and described what I've been feeling lately as I too drop off my fifteen year old. She even sounds like my daughter. I could use this description on my blog and no one would think twice.


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