Friday, August 20, 2010

Generational Angst Gap?

The first time I heard this I thought it was lovely. I asked the girls who it was and they told me they loved the song, it was one of their favorites. As I listened a little bell kept going off in the back of my mind. Beautiful...familiar...familiar...and then it hit me.

It has occurred to me that the current generation of teens seems to feel more angst ridden than mine did. There seem to be more of them that might want to hide away in their room and watch the world go by and ponder deep thoughts. Peering through the window at that mad, sad world.

All Alone

Gary Jules and Michael Andrews on Youtube  From the movie Donnie Darko.

Gary Jules

When the reason it was familiar hit me I came to a realization. The difference between their generation and mine is that when we were feeling angsty we might peer and ponder.

But then we would get up and go outside.

And Dance

Tears for Fears - Mad world
Tears for Fears


After all, our outfits were so awesome how could we stay sad long? We needed to get out anyway to pick up some mousse.

If you have the time and inclination give them both a listen. Anyone remember the 80's version?
Which do you prefer? Guess which one actually gets stuck in my head?

This video contains content owned by Universal Music Group that they have removed from everywhere but here so far, including where it used to be on youtube so I can't have my matching borders. But I am hoping they won't be Meanies and make me remove it because I'm somebodies mother.  I'm just an old lady. And I am directing everyone to them here- because they are so awesome and stuff and I am getting No Gain from my blog other than Personal Joy that will be destroyed if they removed it and I will have to stare out the window sadly because they don't understand me and I can't go outside to dance because it's way too hot and my knees hurt.

Addition to original post:
This must be a family thing because my brother called me after he read this and said the song haunts him too. Only I didn't include his favorite version which is Adam Lambert's and which you can listen to here
True, Adam Lambert does have a lovely voice.

 And then because he is a SAHD, which is really not Sad at all but extraordinarily cool in my book, went on to taunt me because he is a booger  a brother and tomorrow school starts and I have to get up at 5 a.m. to get my kids to school but my nephew doesn't have to be at his school till nine and my oldest will be out by 1:30. He wished me a Happy Tomorrow and said he is looking forward to His nap. *Sigh* Boogers I mean Brothers.....


  1. I am familiar with both, and the first one I find haunting, and I would have identified with it more as a teenager. I guess I was slightly ahead of my angst-time.

  2. I know the second one only. I am sure I've had more angst as an adult than as a teen!

  3. Oh I love that song...It's very haunting...

  4. i loved that song. and i love the new one too. it is a bit more haunting than the one i knew. but all in all a great song.

  5. I've always been so affected by music. When I go grocery shopping, and they play so much from my past, it's all I can do to just not sit down on the ground in a crumpled nostalgic for the past.

    Yeah, music scares me that way. I've always been like that...I thik the teens now are the exact same way I was back then. Still am.

    Beautiful music videos...thank you.

  6. I'm faliliar with the second on but I like the choreagraphy on the first on.

  7. 5 AM?! And I thought 7:00 was early.

    I've heard Adam Lambert's version before. It's pretty.


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