Friday, July 9, 2010

This Makes Me Smile

I don't know if others in my tiny microcosm of blogging are familiar with this but I just love it.
Biggest shared it with me because she loves Kimya Dawson whose music you may be familiar with if you've seen the movie Juno.


  1. Makes me smile too :)

  2. Cute - she definitely has a very unique sound. Loved Juno, but then I love anything on the quirky side:)

  3. Juno RULES. And yeah, she doesn't sound at all packaged or formula.

  4. I want to look her up on iTunes now.

    So, you changed your look I see. :) like it!

  5. Oh - I think I commented on an old post... I'm obviously confused (but not by your new layout, which I LOVE. Simple and sophisticated. Great colors.)

  6. I've never heard this song. I'm smiling. YOu should of seen me when I saw your blog. I'm like a little kid. I love it the colors are very soothing!!!!!!!!!

  7. I loved JUNO!

    I always check out the music in the credits, so I can be a withit mom.

    I love how m y kids say, "hey, how'd you know about this?"

    Cuz I'm cool that way, boys..

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is great, such a sweet, light sound. I love it and all of the movie's music. Juno is one of my favorites.

    Your new pad looks GREAT! The color and leaves are very relaxing. Good job!

  9. Silver Strands, I am glad : )

    Pamela: I love quirky too. You know We Libra's are awesome like that ; )

    allison and Liz: It's fun and sweet and she showed it to me because I always say when they are all grown I'm joining the roller derby!

    Peryl: Thank you! You aren't nearly as confused as I am ; )

    Nicole: : ) me too and I needed some soothing, I figure it's time to change when my header is getting on my nerves whenever it pops up!

    Empress: You are your Royal Coolness Dear! Stay ahead of those boys ; )

    Angelia: Thank you and I agree they have the best "different" songs on that soundtrack!


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