Saturday, July 24, 2010

Then They Blow Me Away

I wasn't planning on posting today but something happened yesterday that made me so proud as a parent that I want to keep this post up forever.  I write a lot about my frustration with my kids but this is the Other side of the Grounded Girls.

Last year I read about  Operation Beautiful which is a lovely idea to support girls and women in loving themselves as they are. The concept is that you leave notes in public places such as on restroom mirrors that say, You Are Beautiful and similar positive messages about self worth.

Middlest loved the idea and became a secret "note leaver" at her school. She didn't tell me she was doing it. I just noticed a stack of pre-written sticky notes on her bag one day and was very pleased with her.

What I didn't realize was that it did not stop with the school year. Apparently they both have been continuing this everywhere they go over the summer. Most often the library and a favorite fast food hangout they are regulars at. They have been regularly hitting the stalls at the library and Littlest who is never content to stick with the original plan also began planting these notes in the books on depression and eating disorders. Middlest liked this idea too and they look for any books people may seek out when they are down or troubled.
They also have been leaving the notes on a very regular basis in the restroom at the fast food place.

So yesterday they hopped on their bikes to head out to the library and get a soda on what I didn't realize was a double mission. When they came home they were very happy and tickled at something they wanted to share with me. That was when they told me what they were up to and....that when they reached the fast food restroom they had been surprised to find...a message in return stuck to the mirror.

You Are Spreading Smiles!

They created some at home too.
Through all the Wishes we have for our children. The things we hope they will accomplish in life.
For me the Greatest Wish is for what kind of heart and spirit they carry within them as people.

I am so Very Proud of their Kind and Beautiful Hearts. This Wish is shaping up nicely.
This Dandelion is Blown Away.

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  1. Did you cry? I would have cried. I'm not crying now though. Stop looking at me. Shut up.

  2. I have tears in my eyes. I agree with you: the greatest gift we can give the world is to raise compassionate human beings. You have done your job well. Beautiful.

  3. bee-you-tee-full!!!

    nothing like a pat on the back for motherhood. what a wonderful wonderful present. amazing young women raised by an amazing woman.

    way to go MOTPG

  4. I am tearful. Thanks for the wonderful story. You are raising two wonderful girls. I hope they keep this passion forever! They will help many people along their way...

  5. This is simply amazing! Isn't it wonderful when their real heart shines through?

  6. Oh just wonderful. I had not heard about Operation Beautiful but I think it is such a very simple but yet potentially high impact notion I am going to think about how I can do some of this myself.

    What I love is how your daughters just took this concept and without any prompting or reminders from you they just went out there and got involved, not just a little but a lot, coming up with new ideas to reach people who need to hear some sweet words. Just wonderful. You should and I know you are be so very very proud of them. But then with a wonderful Mom like you how could we expect them to be anything else than kind souls wanting to help a fellow troubled one.

  7. Operation Beautiful sounds like a fab idea!!!! And how proud you must be of your girls...that is amazing.

  8. It is always good to see the other side. It is especially good to HAVE another side.

    BTW, I would like to let you and other followers know that my Blest Atheist blog went down. I replaced it with 100th Lamb ( I explain why there. (You may have seen the note about this on Modern Mysticism.)

  9. PS. I just noticed the BA is on your blogroll. (Thanks!) You might want to change the URL to 100th Lamb -- same topics and the old BA posts are slowly being moved over there -- but the URL for BA was grabbed up by some home furnishings company.

  10. Allison: Of course I didn't cry. I was walking passed a leaf blower and something got in my eye.

    ironicmom: All three really do have amazing hearts. They always amaze me.

    Loco YaYa: Thank you. I give the credit to them. Sometimes I suggest but most often they choose: )

    akeo3: I think they will and I believe my youngest will have a life and possibly career devoted to it.

    Carol: Yes it is. Sometimes you wouldn't know it from the way they speak to each other but then when they are in cahoots they are magic.

    Aging Mommy: Operation Beautiful is a very awesome idea, I love it. I am very proud of them and I have to say they leave me in the dust: )

    Gigi: Fab, proud and amazing sums up the whole thing perfectly!

    Elizabeth: I couldn't miss the opportunity of course. And I got it, no problem!

  11. That is so profoundly beautiful. Your words and your daughter's beautiful hearts.

    I hadn't heard of this lovely operation, but I'm going to tell my 3 girls about it and see if we can spread some love and inspiration around ourselves.

    Congratulations on raising such splendid girls.

  12. so, so cool of them and in general. i want to do this!

  13. Yup, I'm a little teary too. What a wonderful testament to you as their mother. Compassion and confidence are the top two attributes I'm trying to give to my kids (is compassion an attribute? Maybe I mean qualities). I'm running out to buy a package of sticky notes right now.

  14. Capital Mom: I think so too!

    Joann: Thank you, You have great girls I bet they will like the idea!

    Nocturnal Queen:Thank you and how nice to see you! Thank you for coming by!

    blueviolet: I know! I had to get out the mop ; )

    Elissa: That would be awesome.

    Peryl: This really was all them. I just pointed out the idea to them. That's one of the reasons I am so proud. Now I know where all my sticky notes were going!

  15. this is the sweetest ever!!!!!!I'm about to adopt this for my family. If you had share buttons this will be all over cyberworld.


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