Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Too Scrappy For My Blog!

I have been Honored with an award that I have been coveting quietly since my earliest days of wandering blindly along through the Blogosphere! I started blogging with the intention of being mostly serious but have not been able to keep my impulsive goofiness in check. So whether I'm blogging my Honest reflections or being Honestly ridiculous I am very proud for it to be considered Honest Scrap...or Crap, whichever the case may be!

Not only that but I have been honored by Two Wonderful Bloggers who I have found more recently and I enjoy their blogs So much that I wish I was giving the award to them!
In the order in which they awarded me...

First  a Huge Thank You to The Mayor of Crazy Town  If you ever feel like your day was too busy or was just too long, head over to her world and you'll feel like you've been feet up with the bon bons all week! You also will get a Great belly laugh from her outrageously funny outlook!

And another Huge Thank You to the not second but equally Awesome Empress @  Good Day, Regular People.  Head to her Court for creativity, wonderful wit and truly lovely writing.

For this award you list 10 things about yourself and I decided to list some of my Honest Scraps that are more my quirky side. Some of which is not quite Amish but I could manage.

1. I actually watch very little TV and don't care how big the set is or how well defined the picture is as long as I can see & hear it. I think the funniest tv character I have ever seen is Alice Tinker and the actress ( initials are EC)  who plays her is the funniest woman on earth. 500 be my friend brownie points if you can tell me what show and who it is. (without googling).

2. I have a cell phone & love to text, hate to talk. That's all my phone does. No net, no camera, nothing but phone. I dropped it off the 2cd floor balcony last week and it is still alive and that works for me.

3.I do not use a laptop even though there are a couple around here and when I travel I do not check my emails or the internet at all. That is why when I leave I am really gone and miss everything in blog world.

4. I love music of all kinds but I do not own an Ipod or mp3 of any kind. If I find I love something that I know I will never tire of I buy a CD and only listen to it in my car.

5. I am totally incapable of folding sheets.

6. I hate coffee. I do not own a coffee maker. I have Never been in a Starbucks...Don't faint.

7. I have no boys and no longer any young children. There are 2 small action figures of Aragorn & Legolas from Lord of the Rings hanging from the chandelier over my stairs. Aragorn is held together with scotch tape.(maybe someday I will tell you that story)

8. "I" collect rocks and cat stuff. Somehow I also have a collection of cows. They are hidden throughout my house in cabinets and closets and drawers to surprise you when you open them. (maybe someday I will tell you that story too)

9.I sometimes go on weird food binges that involve eating nothing but either chili dogs or brownies for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about 2 days. Sometimes 3 with the chili dogs.

10. If asked to describe myself the best way I can think of to say it is... I feel like a Yankee soul trapped in a Southern body with a British/Canadian sense of humour.......and some relatives in California.

.I have been trying to expand my blog reading without taking on more than I have time to handle. I am loyal and like to make sure I can visit all my favorites. Now I had a backlog of Awards not to long ago and so threw an Award Extravaganza and hit most of my favorite blogs. So for this one I decided to list some new favorites I have found  more recently and have been enjoying. Their Honest Scrap suits all of my moods! Please be sure to check them out if you haven't before, they are all well worth it!

Ladies of the list, You are All Awesomeness! My policy is No Strings, participate if you like! Some of you have the award already or if you just aren't in to that, I am satisfied with enjoying your blog. If you can't wait, neither can I! I look forward to reading Your list and seeing who you pass on to : )

 Diary of a Mad Bathroom
 The Unperfect Mom
 bright autumn sun
My Mercurial Nature
 a belle, a bean, and a chicago dog
The Mombshelter
Capital Mom
Love Imagine Create
My Perspective
The Girl Next Door Grows Up

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Wow, those were ten amazing things! I wish I could be so "free" of phone/internet obsession...instead I'm plugged in 24/7. Thanks so much for passing the award on to me (and I'm in amazing company, those other blogs are some of my favs, too)!

  2. Thank you for the award. I do have it, but I will display it proudly on my sidebar with a shoutout to the kind hearted giver (you).

    No TV huh? I must admit to being a little jels of that. I must watch Project Runway and Curb Your Enthusiasm or I might implode. No Oprah though! I refuse to sign up for that cult!

    Thanks again!

  3. That's so wonderful of you! Thanks so much! What a great way to start my Saturday. :)

  4. It is love at first sight for me, with you. I also began with the intent of being poignant and memorable, and now I'm more goofball than anything. OH, well. It's who I really am, I guess..

    I also coveted this Honestcrap award. I love saying it..honest crap...honest crap...

    Congrats,honey,you are the cream of the crop.

    And I can't fold sheets worth a lick, either.

  5. One of my favorite Alice's was from Mel's Diner. Flo was awesome too. Not sure if that is the right Alice though.

    I haven't had cable in 3 years. Jason has it though so I get my "fix". I love the award you got. SO perfect for you! I have been major lax in awards due to time. I really need more time.

    All my blogging is by laptop since that is what I use at home. And I'd rather text than talk too.

    So strange, I have the oddest craving for chili dogs now.


    Congrats to all the awardees!!

  6. Love your list. I hate coffee too, though I am a sucker for overpriced Chai or an Earl Grey Latte.

  7. Wow, I am so honored to be a new favorite and amoung such great company! I too have been trying to expand my blog reading and I enjoy honest, with a huge helping of goofy!
    BTW, I am definately interested in a story for your action figures hanging from the chadelier with tape...? lol!

  8. Found your blog on MBC. I'm following you now and would love it if you would follow me too:

  9. Thanks for stopping by ladies, and Your Welcome to my Awardees! I actually am heading out again to wrap things up but only for one night, so if you stop by I will be back shortly. See you then!

  10. I can't fold sheets to save my life either and I don't with our King sheets (the girls' sheets are easy). I just roll them up into a big ole ball and stuff them in the linen closet.

    However - all other towels and washrags are immaculate - to make up for the sheet thing!!

    Thank you again for the award!!!!!!!!!

  11. Good for you - you are scrappy! In the best possible way. And, someone was kind enough to give me this award a while back, but I hadn't clued in to the Scrap/Crap part of it, I'm clearly slow on the uptake. Thanks for pointing this out!

  12. Thanks so much! It is pretty awesome to know that someone enjoys what you write.

    I am with you on the sheets, but oh my god I could not live somedays without coffee. There is a Starbucks down the street....


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