Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird Wednesday

It's been a weird week so far...

Heard in my kitchen from a 14 and a 16 year old.
L: Walking in holding a pair of black flats. "These paper towels are so strong and soft.
     They're  almost too nice to clean dirt off my shoes with."
10 minutes later
M:  Frying eggs, "These paper towels are exceptionally fluffy"
Me: (thinking) This is weird. Can we get paid for this.
(Footnote: I always buy cheapest on sale. Never bought Viva before. It is strong & soft, now we're spoiled.)

My clothes washer broke and was stuck on fill for about 3 hours and no one happened to walk passed the den which was filling with water through the wall. The rest of the house has old wide plank floors that can really take a beating, this is the only room that has newer wood veneer. I mean had.....

 A couple weeks ago I bought us each a bag with 10 pairs of socks in it. During the past week I have noticed....that I have no socks.

Over the weekend Biggest and DecentGuy came over and cooked out. Middlests' boyfriend, (we all call him Arnie even though it's not his real name, so I will use it here, Biggest named him that), came too. I'm looking around at this family. All these people are so big. There are boys....actually young men in my house. It was .....well weird.

Littlest was stressing at school and said she got a hall pass to hide in the bathroom and cry. When she got there all the stalls were filled....with girls crying. She headed to another, the entrance door was locked and she could hear the sobbing. She sneaked to the back stairs. Crying girl already on the step. Headed to another quiet hall, older boy staring into space like he lost his best friend. She asks if he's ok. He hangs his head, sighs, yeah I'm fine. By that time Littlest was over it. I know this is a school for the arts but could they All have been "Drama" students.

Or is it the full moon.

Text from Middlest in a completely different high school: "That girl that was picking on me last week is sitting in the hall crying her eyes out, it must be Karma" 

Or maybe it's Drama.

 Text conversation with Biggest :
B:   I think I'm Catherine Linton..... from Wuthering Heights.....
  Me: You just noticed this?
B:   I'm at the part when she is having a tantrum because she says she is dying and  no one is         paying attention  so she tears the the pillow up.
  Me: Yep, that is familiar..
B:   I Love Her
  Me: You and Heathcliff

Other Text conversation to L who stayed after school for an activity:
Me: Check in with me.
L: Meh
Me: That'll do
L: Can I go to dinner with my friend, (Who I have never heard of) the answer is no, right.
Me: Yes, the answer is no.
L: Ur Mean
Me: Yep
Why did she ask?  Like I'm going to forget the rules or randomly change them.

Biggest works with animals and as a result collects them. She has a tiny dollhouse with 3 dogs, 4 indoor cats, 2 birds, I lost count of fish and turtles, and several outdoor cats that just show up (I think people are on to her) and she whisks them off to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated, then puts them back in her yard and feeds them.
On her day off she called and was having a fit because animal control had been through and picked up a new cat that showed up a few days ago and that luckily wasn't invested in yet. She ranted about someone probably calling and she couldn't believe was such a nice kitty...she wanted to keep it...yadayada..

Five minutes after she hung up she called me back and said her animals were driving her crazy. They wouldn't behave and she was about ready to ship them all off to the pound......


She is the pound, it will never happen. When her husband came home she probably told him they needed to drive to town and spring the other cat.

Middlest.....Middlest.....Middlest currently has an A in Algebra  and an F in AP English.....and she's been singing in tune...... and she's had the same boyfriend for 6 months......I think someone must have picked her up and turned her upside down and shook her real hard......that's the only reasonable explanation.......

Like a kaleidoscope...........yeah...

Spring Break starts here tomorrow....

Moon Music

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  1. Viva are the BEST paper towels! I sent my husband to the store a few days ago to pick up paper towels and he got something that was on sale. I made him go back and buy Viva. They are the best, softest, toughest towels out there. They soak up spills so well and yet they're soft enough to clean my baby's face. I am a total Viva advocate :)

  2. I only buy paper towel when my Grandma comes over. I think my kids eat, flush & use them as dry towels. Socks Socks Socks. We have abizillion socks and they all walk alone. No pairs. The girls crying in school must have been PMS, you know they say the women you're around start cylces together.. I can't wait for Spring break.

  3. I love this collection of oddities from you week. And as for the paper towels...Viva rock!

  4. Hilarious. And makes me look forward (nervous as I am) to my kids growing up a bit - as much as I'm trying to hang on to every ounce of baby-ness right now.

    And we get out paper towels from Costco - I yearningly watch commercials about "one sheet of bounty..." my brand takes about six sheets for the average spill!

  5. Ok that song to me is so funny and here is why. My parents are crazy and losing their minds (in a good way) I was telling them about this song and how it reminds me of them and now it is their favorite!

  6. I love the way your girls were talking about those towels. You totally shoulda got paid for that. Kinda reminds me of how my five year old gets brainwashed by infomercials and spends part of at least every day following me around and trying to get me to order bumpits and bendaroos. Because WE REALLY NEED THEM and THEY ARE ONLY $29.99 or whatever. Hilarious post!!

    PS Also loved your daughter's text "UR Mean." That is so great. I am totally looking forward to that.

  7. I actually kinda freaked out about Viva when I first tried it. It goes above and beyond and it makes a girl who's used to substandard products question life.

    I swear they like our rules even if they pretend not to.

  8. Middlest said actually said "no, don't take that, it's the last one" when Littlest went to tear off the last sheet. Their faces truly fell when we went to the store and Viva wasn't on sale anymore.
    I guess that shows another level of growing up,
    it was the same look we used to get when a toy they saw on TV was sold out at the store!

    Parenting Ad Absurdum: It is a "nice in a different way" kind of feeling with the kids.

    I'm with you Help!Mama Remote: I have asked them if they eat them and I say "use a dishtowel or sponge for that, not the paper" about 50 times a day! And PMS is here, there, and everywhere this week!

    Girl Next Door Grows Up:That's my Theme Song! Sounds like I would love your parents!

    Organic Motherhood: I have to admit it tickles me! I enjoy it when she sends me an XP too!

    Blue Violet: You are dead on right with that one!

  9. There's alot going on in that pretty little head lol of yours today.....I snorted reading it all. I loved that the words "exceptionally fluffy" were said and I also love that you have no socks, because I don't either.

  10. Oh, there's more! As for Middlest, never mind Arnie, she dumped him yesterday...and I just found a can of vegetable soup in her laundry basket...

  11. Ah the joys, sorrows, and just plain craziness of raising teen girls....mine are 13, 15, and 20 (ok, she's not a teen, but close enough....) The randomness, the drama, the attitude, the estrogen, the enough to make your head spin! Sometimes I think we moms need to just buckle up our seat belts, raise our hands in the air, and scream like lunatics as we ride the roller coaster of raising our almost women daughters! I can soooo relate to your post....


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