Monday, March 15, 2010

Foolishness...what else in new.

I don't have time for my usual long winded post. I have to leave Wednesday and my Mother in Law is staying with the I have to clean my entire house. My Mother in Law is actually most Awesome....
But still. We have some very serious and stressful business to attend to. If things go well we might have some fun too. And maybe have an income this year. If so I'll take pictures while we're there. If not, I might anyway.

In the meantime while I'm away,  please enjoy some pictures of fungi that I (or maybe Middlest, we both like fungi & can't remember who did which) took last summer.

And a Bunny.....

 Hee Hee, my husband just said "You like fungi better than me" and I said....No you're my favorite fun-gi!
You know, he kind of grows on you .....yeah I just typed that in public.

Yep, losing it.....Think that missing hour of sleep is catching up with me.....I'll be back Saturday.....

Have A Great Week!

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  1. LOL! Fun-gi --that was a good one! :)

  2. the fact that you posted pics of fungi because you really enjoy fungi and that you then followed up with a fungi pun makes me love you.

  3. You are hilarious. Exactly the sort of thing that makes me and my husband laugh - probably why we found each other.

    Good luck on your mysterious journey - report back soon!


  4. Have a great week! Hope everything goes well!

  5. Fungi, like "fun guy"-I get it! LOL! Now I need to get to sleep... Have fun.

  6. I am so grooving on the fungi. You are hilarious!! I hope your trip goes well. Get some sleep!!! We'll be thinking of you. XOXOXOX

  7. I've passed on a Bloggy award to you because you're great. Come pick it up and pass it on!

  8. Hope all is okay and see you when you get back. The bunny is cute.

  9. Haha!! Great pun!! Good luck on your adventure. I hope it turns out well. :-) and seriously hope you had fun with your gi!!

  10. Have a good time anyway. Ewww fungi. I'll take my fun-gi anyday.

  11. You're so funny! Hope you have a good time away!


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