Thursday, December 10, 2009

U R Not Grounded

  Last week I was in bed for the night reading when Middlest appeared at my door. It was close to time for lights out and I called out "it's about time hun". She just stood there. Usually she just walks in our room and sit's on the bed and tells me what she's there for.  "What are you doing" I asked? "Are you going to bed?" No answer. She just stood. Getting concerned I asked "what's wrong" & I went to the door. She had tears running down her face. "Whats the matter honey", I asked again, what happened?" She answered, "I was watching a Taylor Swift video & it was about her Mom, and it was so sweet & I started crying & it made me want to come give you a hug."Oh my Lord, I started crying too & we had a nice long hug.

  After the festivities on Saturday, she and her boyfriend wanted to go out. We said fine but be home by 10 or 10:30 because we are really tired and I don't know if I can stay awake to make sure your're in. At 10 PM I couldn't keep my eyes open & sent her a text reminding her to be home in 1/2 an hour. I got the Please can I ...... text back. I reminded her I was exhausted and not to push it. Time to come home now. She said OK, I went to sleep. My husband did not wake me up when he awoke at 1:30 AM & found her not in the house.
When I heard about it in the morning I was livid. But she had us on a technicality. She was home. They were sitting on the front porch. I didn't say he had to leave. My opinion was that it did not matter. She took advantage of the situation. My husband though, had a different point of view. Yes, she did take advantage, but......She was at home. She didn't stay out God knows where all night. She was sober. They weren't in the back seat, they were sitting on the porch. Sometimes I forget & that put it into perspective. They also were a big help at the wedding & maybe deserved a little leeway. I'm not saying she doesn't make mistakes and that I think she's an angel. But she is a good kid. We were feeling magnanimous & we let this one slide with only cutting her regular curfew back an hour for a couple weeks.

She is a frustrating girl but a very sweet one. I love her so. The funny part is that her poor boyfriend hasn't shown his face at our house since. He even drops her off after school without coming in. I think I'll let him suffer a little longer......

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  1. Don't you just hate it when they get you on a technicality. My oldest is great at that.

    Sounds like you handled it wonderfully.

  2. (wiping my eyes) That middlest is so They know our weakness. By the way you know I love your blog! I have a blog award for you at the address below.
    Please stop by and pick it up.

  3. That was so sweet (the first part of your post)!

    You've just given me a glimpse of what life might be like with teens... Luckily I have a few more years to prepare for them. :)

  4. My oldest is definitely queen of getting off on a technicality and sometimes it just burns my butt....


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