Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I thought I might have time to figure out how some blogging stuff I am learning about works and add something meaningful to my blog about the season. After being repeatedly interrupted I just heard footsteps behind me and uttered the words "If you are coming in here to bug me I am going to kill you." So i give up. Because in my household today:

The #1 button on my microwave isn't working.
My kitchen sponges are missing.
There is a half used up roll of toilet paper sitting in the middle of my dining room table for no apparent reason.
There is a damp black cat sleeping on my newly changed sheets.
There is an unclaimed bra in the laundry found after the wedding that we can't find the owner to.
Littlest just delivered 8 pairs of filthy socks to me from her room after I already finished whites.
There isn't a scrap of Christmas wrap or square of tape in the house.
Which is alright because I still haven't done my Christmas shopping.
I just heard the words "where's Mom?" again.

help me.....

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  1. Goodness, sounds like one of my days -- and they repeat!

  2. Wow. Have you been to my house? Because you just captured a normal day around here with amazing accuracy.

    Except for the bra. We don't normally have unclaimed bras around here. LOL.

  3. Holy Cow, those words "wheres mum" sends a chill down my spine....I get them here too!!


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